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Forestry Insurance

Equinox Underwriting has a dedicated team writing Forestry business, with cover being provided by Lloyd’s Syndicates. Our cover is available to all types of growers worldwide and is designed to assist clients with risk management by transferring risk; providing stability for long-term business plans, increasing overall financial certainty; and improving credit terms and access to finance. Equinox uses sophisticated risk-modelling tools and aligns these with the experience of a team who can interpret the data to leverage the best premiums, wording and deductibles for clients worldwide.

Equinox can provide a wide range of cover, both on insurance and reinsurance basis, with the most common perils being:

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft
  • Wind, Hurricane and Tornado
  • Frost and Hail
  • Flood
  • Malicious Damage
  • Fire Fighting Costs, Debris Removal, Replanting Costs
  • Automatic Inclusion of New Forests

Key Contacts

Henry Rydon

Underwriting Assistant

Forestry Insurance Factsheet

Target Market

Forestry Programmes for ‘Small Growers’ (with typical valuation <$1m) Medium-sized Enterprises Large Forest Product Companies Regional Governments Investment & Pension Funds

Other Information

In order to provide a quote, the following details are necessary:
• Location and geographical distribution of the forests / Maps
• Valuation / Specie / Age profile
• Loss History
• Firefighting resources available / Risk management details

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