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Residential Primary Flood

Residential Primary Flood Insurance

Our Flood market provides an alternative to NFIP coverage and/or an excess placement to “top-up” limits provided by NFIP. Coverage placed with Lloyds & London Companies allows for flexible approach to risk consideration on a lender approved policy wording.

  • Replacement Cost Valuation for Buildings and Contents
  • No co-insurance penalty
  • Additional living expense coverage available
  • No Elevation Certificate required
  • No penalty for secondary residencies
  • Coverage equivalent to NFIP (guarantee endorsement)

Key Contacts

Peter Jordan


Craig Hubble

Senior Underwriter

Residential Primary Flood Insurance Factsheet

Target Market

Limits & Deductibles

USD 10,000,000 in respect of Building Coverage
USD 1,000,000 in respect of Contents Coverage
USD 100,000 in respect of ALE automatic eligibility (if buildings is eligible)

USD 10,000,000 in respect of combined Building, Contents and ALE coverage per building

Same as the NFIP for Building and Contents. 15 day waiting period for ALE

Excluded Classes

Orleans / Jefferson, Sacramento, Tidal surge exposed properties, Barrier islands

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